3. Do you need help finding your pension?


There’s a lot of money missing! Some pension experts have reckoned there is £20,000,000,000 in unclaimed pension money in the UK. And the problem’s getting worse as every time we move jobs, we leave behind our workplace pension with our old employer. The DWP reckon there may be 50 million abandoned pension pots in 30 years time.

Remembering where we worked five years ago isn’t that hard, but trying to track down our employers from the seventies and eighties is a lot more tricky. Even if we can, it’s not easy to find out if we have any pension rights with them. If  you joined a personal pension with the help of a financial adviser , you will have not just to remember the insurance company you used, but find out who owns that insurance company today.

Right now, there is limited help for you when you try to find your pension. Here are some useful websites to use

  1. If you want to find out your rights to the state pension click here
  2. If you want to track down a pension run by a company click here
  3. If you want to find out who owns your personal pension insurer click here

Or you could wait for a pension dashboard

The Government is currently asking questions about how it should set up a pension finder service so that we can see all our pensions on a single pension dashboard. There are plenty of candidates who want to link all the pension schemes to a single screen using the new technologies we are getting used to.

Unfortunately, work to date has been very slow and if Government estimates are to be relied on – we won’t have a right to all our information through a dashboard till 2023 at the earliest.

Or you could talk with AgeWage

We want to provide AgeWage scores for all your pensions, not just for the pensions where the providers are digitally up to it. We will help you find your pensions so that we can work with your pension providers to get you AgeWage scores. And we will continue to work with Government to help them hurry up!