Do you want us to road-test your pension?


road test


One million people retire in this country each year. Most can look forward to the state pension , a few are lucky enough to have a company pension which will last as long as they do.

But most people get to retirement with some savings in a pension pot and not so much as an instruction manual as to what to do next.

We have started AgeWage for the 94% of people not taking advice, the 6% who do may find it useful as well.


Road-test your pension

If you get out of your car at the end of a long journey you can expect to get some details of your journey – how long it’s taken, average speed and fuel economy, how far you’ve driven.

Modern cars can tell you all this at the flick of a button.

But people arriving at retirement get nothing. Many don’t even get a statement from the people who have their money – who’ve lost touch with them. Those who get a statement often lose the will to live – it’s so damned hard.

AgeWage gives you one piece of information , a single number – which tells you out of 100 – how your pension saving has gone. If you’ve saved effeciently your score will be over 50 , if you haven’t then your score will be below 50.

We are trialling right now, if you’d like us to road test your pension , contact and we’ll be in touch