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Lots of people read blogs by Henry Tapper; – they’re by a pensions geek for pensions geeks!

But lately Henry’s been thinking about everyone else and he’s started AgeWage with his friends Chris, Ritesh, Olly, Andy and a whole bunch of guys and dolls who aren’t on the payroll but want to do their bit.

AgeWage has already raised money from its¬†¬†friends and family and it’s about to raise a whole lot more through crowd funding. People who organise crowd funding were pretty surprised to be talking to us, as far as we know we are the first company of our kind ever to go down this route. We wanted to crowd fund to reach investors who otherwise might have know interest in what we’re up to – simplifying pensions!

This blog’s our way of talking to the people that Henry’s geeky blog won’t impress! It’s here to help investors and savers understand how AgeWage simplifies the decisions you take on retirement.

Over the past few weeks , we’ve been asking people – not in the pensions bubble some tricky questions…

Do you find pensions scary?

Do you know what happens to your money when you pay into a pension?

Do you need help finding your pension?

Do you know if your pension are any good?

Have you ever joined a pension scheme?

Do you know how much you should be spending on your retirement?

Would it help if you had one big pot rather than lots of smaller ones?

AgeWage has been set up to help people understand about pensions by making pensions simpler. We’ll be showing people how to find their pensions and when they do , they’ll help them find the value they’ve got from the money they’ve saved. We’ll look at how you can join a pension scheme and what you should be choosing to spend on retirement (rather than today). Finally we’ll be helping people who want to bring all their money together in a single pot, to do so.

If you’d like to hear it from Ritesh’s mouth , here he is!